Free Elevator-BIM Software for Architects

As an Architect, this will inspire you!

Find the right elevator directly from within Autodesk Revit!

Are you as an architect overwhelmed  with the infinite range of elevators and their manufacturers? Imagine, if you had a BIM workflow defined for the determination of elevators in the building?

BIM workflow defined for the determination of elevators in the building

DigiPara Elevatorarchitect professionally assists your Autodesk Revit Users, to select from more than 100.000 implemented elevator types and vendors. Afterwards the Plugin will install the elevator BIM model in yur buildung.

Do you already have a Revit family?

Are you satisfied with it? Unfortunately, you can adjust many things in the Revit families that aren't realistic.

We have our own opinion: A perfect BIM workflow looks differently.

perfect elevator BIM workflow

By default Digipara Elevatorarchitect installs a simplified BIM model in your building. In this model everything is correct: the car and shaft dimensions, landing doors - changeable at any time. 

For some certified elevator manufacturers you even get a full BIM model with all the details."

What if you are stuck and don't know what to do!

The selection of elevators is sometimes a science in itself - if you're not sure then simply get help from the experts!

Digipara Elevatorarchitect knows the important elevator company contacts and vertical transporation consultants.  

Depending on the installation location of the building, architects can quickly and directly access the appropriate people for help.