Software for the Elevator Production Planning

This will inspire you in Production Planning!

Get the most out of your CAD system!

Could you imagine, if you could derive all the bill of materials from Autodesk Inventor? The complete 3D elevator installation model could be the basis for your production.  Every change to the model becomes visible on through to production.


With DigiPara Liftdesigner for Autodesk Inventor create complete 3D models within a few clicks!

Simply import the elevator that your sales team created.

Relieve yourself from routine tasks!

Wouldn't it be great, if your CAD system would automatically compile production drawings for all your own components.

Then you would have more time to take care of the really important things.


Create your own components and assign your manufacturing drawings. DigiPara Liftdesigner creates for every order true-to-scale drawings and DXF files for you.

Quit using manual matching from CAD and SAP data!

Many components are finally decided on in the design phase.  It would be fantastic, when your SAP (or similar) system could be updated with the click of a button.


Make your CAD model to the "leading" system!

The unified Digipara Liftdesigner configuration model within Autodesk Inventor allows you to connect to CAD and ERP.