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3D BIM Elevator Get assistance from experts in choosing your elevator: Start the Plugin >> Choose the elevator supplier >> Add a  to your building!

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The program supports Revit users in finding the correct size and number of required elevators according to their location and professionally guides them to the point of reaching an optimal 3D Revit model.

Perfect BIM Workflow for Elevators

Perfect BIM Workflow for Elevators DigiPara Elevatorarchitect offers Architects the perfect BIM workflow. It gives you an overview of the installed elevators and makes installation suggestions. 

DigiPara Elevatorarchitect has a wide range of common elevator types and sizes. It includes the global, European, American and Asian series from the main elevator companies. There are more than 100,000 combinations of car sizes, payloads, heights or speeds available.

Determine the Building Location

Determine the Elevator Building Location You define the location of the building, Digipara Elevatorarchitect knows which elevators and producers can be installed in this location. 

Define Bottom and Top Floor

Floor distances and designations are taken from the building BIM model DigiPara Elevatorarchitect works inside of Autodesk Revit: Floor distances and designations are taken directly from the building BIM model. You only need to select the lowest and highest floor, suitable solutions are suggested to you.

Choose between Schindler, Thyssenkrupp and others

Choose between Schindler Thyssenkrupp and other elevators You only need to compare and select the desired manufacturer and the program installs the correct shaft dimensions in your building model.

When you need to increase the floor distances and the previously proposed elevator no longer fits, then DigiPara Elevatorarchitect suggests an alternative solution.

Add a Simpified BIM Model

Simpified BIM Elevator Model For all included elevator series, a simplified BIM model can be installed.

To reduce the amount of information - especially in pre-planning  -  the simplified BIM model just includes the shaft dimensions, cabins and doors.

Install a Complete BIM Model

complete BIM elevator model When required, you can, for some elevator series, install a complete BIM model with all the elevator details.

To allow this, we have connected Digipara Elevatorarchitect with online servers of various elevator manufacturers.  To use this function, you only need to press a button!

Certified Elevator Series

Digipara has been in the elevator industry for almost 20 years and is in contact with all the major elevator manufacturers.

In 2013, the elevator series from Thyssenkrupp CENE (for Europe) and Schindler 7000 TRD (Top Range Division, global product) were certified. Certification means even more security in the scheduling of elevators. Other series and manufacturers are currently being developed or are in planning.

(Image: certified Vendor)

The following elevator series are included:

  • Hyundai LUXEN
  • Hyundai STVF
  • Hyundai YZER
  • KONE Ecospace
  • KONE Medical Series
  • KONE Minispace
  • KONE Monospace
  • KONE Transys
  • Mitsubishi NexWay-S IP Wider Range
  • Mitsubishi Elenessa Series IP V2
  • Mitsubishi NexWay-S Series IP V2
  • Mitsubishi NexWay Highspeed
  • OTIS GeN2 (L-Series, Comfort, Flex, Premier, Premier ED)
  • OTIS Hydraulic (LVM, LVML)
  • OTIS Elevonic
  • Schindler 2400, 2600, 3100, 3300, 3400
  • Schindler 400A, 500A
  • Schindler 5300, 5400
  • ThyssenKrupp Evolution (Classic, Compact, Flexible)
  • ThyssenKrupp Synergy (100, 300, 85)

Free and Always Up-to-date

DigiPara Elevatorarchitect is free for you as a user - today and in the future.

Always up-to-date: With the integrated update service, users who are linked to the Internet can be sure that they always have the latest elevator types and dimensions available.

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