DigiPara® Escalatordesigner

Get Escalator Drawings in just 3 Clicks!

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Create escalator drawings very easily: Simply select an arrangement >> Enter the number of floors >> Save the drawing or print!

Perfect for:

  • Escalators
  • Moving Walks

With the individualization of pre-defined arrangements and types, it is quite easy to create your escalator drawings within seconds.


Create True-to-Scale Escalator Drawings

DigiPara Escalatordesigner supports all common arrangements, types and sizes. Easily adapt the escalator to the given building dimensions.

Predefined Configurations & Sizes

Build your escalator just by choosing from predefined arrangements and sizes. By changing the dimensions and type of your escalator, you can easily create the drawings to meet your needs.


With the help of the EscalatorWizard, creating a new escalator drawing becomes a breeze.

Simply enter floor level distances and choose the appropriate arrangement to get a full scaled drawing of your escalator.

Typical arrangements

DigiPara Escalatordesigner supports all typical types of arrangements: single, criss-cross, scissor, parallel and continuous arrangements.

DigiPara Escalatordesigner drawings are created and show the correct sections for all these types.

Moving Walks

DigiPara Escalatordesigner supports the drawing of horizontal moving walks (0°) and inclined moving walks (10° to 12°).

Moving walks are available as custom solutions and are not in the standard DigiPara Escalatordesigner product but can be added to it.

Fully Automated

DigiPara Escalatordesigner software includes professional development tools to let you integrate the program into your ERP system and customize it. It integrates into SAP or similar.

DigiPara Escalatordesigner is also available as a server version. Drawings are automatically generated within seconds, which means that hundreds of drawings can be generated every day on each server.



  • CAD software to design escalators and moving walks