Nowadays, the demand for the visualization of elevator models is extremely high – all participants of a project automatically expect 3D elevator models.

“Building Information Modeling (BIM)” is a method to optimize the planning, implementation and management of a building using a digital 3D BIM model. The BIM model integrates all the information from the geometrical structure of the objects and properties via a standardized interface into a database. As a result, BIM optimizes the collaboration between architects, builders and elevator companies in the different phases of the life cycle of a building. With BIM, any department may add, remove or update information.

3D BIM elevator model

Using the BIM Exchange for Autodesk Revit, elevator companies can export full 3D BIM elevator models from DigiPara® Liftdesigner, including all the elevator components. Digipara Liftdesigner offers the LD BIM and IFC formats. Architects and builders who work with Autodesk Revit software, can then import 3D elevator BIM models into Autodesk Revit, as these elevators in the building are accurate and provide early checks  to avoid collisions. BIM Exchange for Autodesk Revit represents the essential components of an elevator as individual components. Elevator companies can directly create customized elevator models within Digipara Liftdesigner and send them to the architect, instead of creating individual Revit families – so the architect can easiliy edit the elevator model.

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