excited to announce Bob Wegkamp from
the company Croes as the winner of the iPad 2 for writing a review about
DigiPara® Elevatorarchitect on our Autodesk Exchange Apps page.

He wrote, “This is good, what’s’ next? Good application.
Revit needs elevators in 3d. We hope that multiple brands will join this
concept. Keep up the good work DigiPara® !”.

Bob! We hope you have fun with your new iPad!

Autodesk didn’t publish all of your comments and made a few changes to a couple
comments but we have published all your original comments on our website at: /Elevatorarchitect.aspx.

It’s great
to hear that you like DigiPara® Elevatorarchitect. We have also discussed your
suggestions for improvements with our developing team and can satisfy some of
your wishes with the new release in the beginning of next year.

Thank you to
everyone who participated in our iPad contest!