WorldRoot to LocalRoot Transformation

Sometimes it’s necessary to transform world coordinates of one component to local coordinates relative to another component. Let’s assume you have two shafts and you want to attach a user component to the second shaft. The insertion point or local root of...
Version 5.4 consolidates user settings

Version 5.4 consolidates user settings

Default Data pool Version 5.4 has improved user settings. In previous version, the default data pool has been created in e.g. C:\Users\<<<username>>>\Documents\DigiPara\CustomPool In enterprise environments this was sometimes leading to issues, since...
Version 5.4 consolidates user settings

Creating additional hatches

During the last days I noticed that one of my developers prepared a nice example that allows adding an additional hatch to a plan view section. The general steps are:   Creating one or more profiles that should be cutted Adding a new section object for each sheet...