Autodesk Revit offers huge online libraries of predefined families. This includes elevator components for architects in DigiPara Elevatorarchitect within Autodesk Revit. These library components can be modeled parametrically and adapted depending on the project within Revit.

For all Autodesk Revit users, DigiPara Liftdesigner delivers complete Revit families with the help of the module BIM Exchange for Autodesk Revit. A family – for example, a car door – contains all the important components such as frames, door panels, glass, materials, etc. The architect can insert this family several times into his project using the free tool DigiPara Elevatorarchitect for Autodesk Revit. If he changes any details within the family, all family instances are automatically adjusted as usual in Autodesk Revit.

Thus, all architects worldwide benefit from the free Revit families of DigiPara. Complex elevator systems can be created and customized at your fingertips.

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Aufzug Revit Familie