After weeks of group training in our local forests, we finally made it – on May 7th the DigiPara Running Team gathered together just in time for the start of the 8th Company Run around the Fühlinger Lake in Cologne, Germany.

The atmosphere was amazing right from the start! Nearly 7,000 participants danced and cheered in summer temperatures in front of the big stage. With loud music playing, the mood definitively heated up and as the starting signal was given, you couldn’t have stopped anyone of us.

First and foremost, there was Timo sprinting. Following him were our ambitious DigiPara runners and walkers, who walked behind in goose-step. Nishantha was so motivated that he actually ran for the first time in his life.

All of us reached the finish line – one exhausted, the other one relaxed but everyone was happy and proud. We look forward to the next year’s company run.

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