Recently tech support were asked how to change the floor levels, since the floor level dialog is no more available.

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Image: the dialog box of the recent versions

The answer is simple: You need to use the “Group- and Shaft Configurator” instead. 

DigiPara Liftdesigner Gruppen- und Schachtkonfigurator

This new dialog has much more and better options compared to the recent floor level dialog box.

For instance: You can enter the floor level heights instead of floor to floor heights, that are frequently unknown. It also simplifies the modification of elevator banks:

DigiPara Liftdesigner Gebäudeebenen

In case you have DigiPara Liftdesigner switched back to use the classic toolbars, you need to add the related button to your toolbars:

Give it a try: Wir have taken care on many details and hope that you can make your changes more efficient. Any feedback is appreciated.

More information can be found at Group and Shaft Configurator.