We have added Wittur Fineline Doors to our DigiPara® Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library.


The specifically for modernization developed door series offers even more saving space and accessibility – you have a choice between 2 sliding door panels or 2 central opening doors.
Now you can also choose between aluminum,  steel or the standard version.


Fineline 01/02-C
Fineline 11/12-L
Fineline 11/12-L EN81-58 E90 EW60
Fineline 11/12-R
Fineline 11/12-R EN81-58 E90 EW60



Please download the latest DigiPara Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library here: http://www.digipara.com/en/support/manufacturer-library

The library update can be installed without updating the complete program. For detailed installation instructions visit http://download.digipara.com/SoftwareApplications/Details/Wittur