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DigiPara® Liftdesigner Training Modules

General schedule of our online training modules

Our online training sessions start daily at 09:00 AM. To ensure that you stay fresh and focussed, our expert trainers take a short break of around 5 minutes after each session. These breaks give you the opportunity to stand up briefly, stretch or top up your drink.

At lunchtime at 12:00, we interrupt the programme for a longer break of one hour so that you can recover and regain your strength.

After the official part of the training, which combines theory and practice, we are still available to answer your specific questions, which are part of the training programme. The duration of the training programme may vary slightly depending on the number of participants.

Our recommendations for a successful training

To get the most out of our training programme, we have put together some useful tips for you:


For the duration of the training programme, we recommend choosing a workplace where you can participate undisturbed and with full concentration.


We recommend that our participants switch on the camera at least temporarily, for example to greet each other briefly at the beginning. It is also advisable to use a headset, as this simplifies communication.
It is particularly advantageous if your workstation has two screens. You can follow your trainer's presentation on one monitor while working on practical exercises on the other monitor in parallel with the instructions.

Our trainers for online training courses

Hannah Johann
Basic Courses
German and English trainings



Alexandra Göttert
Common & Specific Elevator Courses
Product Loading
German and English trainings


Zhangyuan Fu
Elevator & Escalator Courses
Chinese trainings

Do you still have questions about our training modules? Contact our team of trainers: training@digipara.com