After you have learned how to create your first elevator project, please view the second part of our training series, which introduces you to the most important tools of Digipara Liftdesigner’s user interface.

The most important tools of Digipara Liftdesigner

The different functions are grouped in various ribbon tabs:

  • Menu offers file options
  • Start contains file options, view commands and window display settings
  • Project provides main project configuration settings, group elevator options, EN81 calculations, test & object selection options as well as language settings
  • Sheet provides sheet options, view frame template options and sheet overlays
  • View frame contains view frame options, selection of sectional views, 3D views, sub-options for view frames and object selection options
  • Dimensions provides dimension options and settings
  • Export includes various data export methods such as XML, 2D drawing as PDF and DWG exports, 3D-Export and BIM Exchange
  • Develop Products with options for the developer such as the creation of geometric  & characteristic points, component rules, database and NET. & VBA application operations
  • Options provides software activation options as well as online and local help

Please watch our training video on Youtube: The User Interface

We wish you success with DigiPara Liftdesigner.