Cabin Configurator - DigiPara Liftdesigner

Design your Elevator Cabin

  • Configure the main characteristics
  • Populate your car with humans
  • Make use of photo realistic materials and lightning

Cabin Configurator

With DigiPara Liftdesigner, the basic 3D visualisation of your cabin becomes a breeze. The integrated elevator cabin designer helps you configure the main characteristics (mirrors, handrails, flooring, wall panels, etc.) to create approval, entrance hall and installation drawings.

2021 Cabin Approval Drawing


DigiPara Liftdesigner includes a “human” library. Populate your lift cabin and lobby with humans to illustrate your scene and give an understanding of the sizes and dimensions.


DigiPara Liftdesigner includes a large set of materials. With the help of materials, your elevator becomes detailed and photo realistic.


Basic and photo realistic 3D Visualization

DigiPara Liftdesigner generally offers basic 3D visualization. The additional photo realistic 3D visualization screen offers great options: it shows you photo realistic lighting and mirror effects.

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