We recently had the question, how to figure out how a specific profile group parameter is calculated. Even most of the parameters having names and are self explaining, some parameters are more tricky. This is in particular if the parameter has just the native name like P2 or P17.

In that case the LIFTdeveloper.chm is a good resource for profile group parameters. It is usually installed at
C:\Program Files\DigiPara\LD50\Help


The documentation for the parameters are NOT located under the components, instead you have to navigate to the table that contains the “…_PG_GRP” variable.
The documentation shows a piece of the source code that calculates the parameters. Probably there might be a German explanation and also not everythging is self explaining. By the way, this list is almost complete since it is generated from the last source code stream.


Please let me know if you have any comments on that.