Through individual activation options, DigiPara Liftdesigner allows each user to work with a one-user license on different computers. The only restriction is that it can only be used on one computer at the same time, the customer is free to choose when and where to use our software

Activation options

How do you perceive our product activation so far? Cumbersome? Inflexible? Now you can enjoy much more freedom using our software.
Due to Windows updates or a new computer, new request codes need to be issued manually by us, as well as adding additional computers..

Our customers were previously confused as the effort was relatively large and led to delays.

DigiPara has taken this situation seriously and now provides the user with a “short-term activation” as an alternative to easily manage and use on different computers.

The short-term activation

The software is activated on a daily basis per computer and can be reactivated after the end of the runtime. The shortest avtivation time is 1 day, which is a great advantage as the user of 1 license can now use it on several computers alternately without needing to request for new codes *.

Short-term activation compared to the usual DigiPara activation

In our licensing models, short-term activation is not listed as a purchase option but every customer has the option to decide when they install and how they will use the software in the future.

Just set the activation to 1 day when restarting DigiPara Liftdesigner – it then updates automatically every time it is restarted.

For a smooth transition between the workplaces, the software should always be activated for just 1 day.

For each additional activation, it will run automatically every day when starting DigiPara Liftdesigner – unless the software has already been activated on another computer for this day.

The shortest possible activation is 1 day. Once a computer has been activated, it will stay that way for 24 hours – every other computer will be blocked from using DigiPara Liftdesigner for 24 hours. Longer activation times are recommended should the computer be used temporarily offline.

The short-term activation is not a floating license

While a computer is activated, no other computers can be activated. When activated for 1 day, it will be released in 24 hours.

It is not decisive whether or not it will be used on the previously activated computer.

Do you have any questions?

To help you decide how to activate, we have put together a few scenarios and recommendations on each of the open questions.
  • Do you always need the software on more than one computer at the same time?

    If it is clear that the software will be used by more than one user at the same time, then several user licenses should be purchased.

  • Are you planning a trip?

    Should you be offline for a few days, the computer should be activated for as long as possible (maximum 7 days), as activation is no longer possible once it is offline. This way, you can ensure continuously work right from the start.

  • Was a computer reinstalled or stolen?

    Please contact DigiPara – our team will deactivate it immediately and the license becomes free again for further activation. You will immediately receive a new activation code for another computer.

  • On how many computers can the software be activated?

    According to the license agreement, the activation of DigiPara Liftdesigner is only permitted on one computer for a 1-user license. For the activation on additional computers, please be sure that the software is not used by additional people as it is to be used only by the registered user.


The decision on how many users will activate and use DigiPara Liftdesigner in the future is individually different. Basically – for simultaneous work from several users several licenses are needed.

Unlike with 1-user licenses, we recommend using our flexible short-term activation to seamlessly switch between multiple workstations. With the activation for 1 day, you can allways work with the software on another PC on the next day.

Do you have any more questions?

*What is a request code?
Our DigiPara server assigns a request code every time a computer is reactivated. It is composed of various factors and is created individually per computer. Every Windows 10 update changes your computer, which means that DigiPara Liftdesigner constantly changes the requirement codes. This always leads to reactivations. And above all: the query for a current code occurs more frequently than before. The new flexible daily activation now allows a new query per login on a daily basis, without our users having to contact DigiPara.