Finally here! Due to several customer requests, we have added Hans Jungblut overspeed governers to the Liftdesigner manufacturer library:

  • HJ 200 SB O, HJ 200 SB O – Z6, HJ 200 SB O – Z12, HJ 200 SB U, HJ 200 SB U – Z6, HJ 200 SB U – Z12, HJ 200 Z12 L, HJ 200 FR
  • HJ 250 SB U, HJ 250 SB U – Z5, HJ 250 SB U – Z10
  • HJ 300 SB U, HJ 300 SB U – Z5, HJ 300 SB U – Z10



Overspeed governor with two agitator directions – HJ 200 SB O

Please download the latest DigiPara® Product Library here.

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You can find further information about the Hans Jungblut library at


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