We have added Wittur Hydra 3000 car doors and landing doors to our DigiPara® Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library, including standard doors and glass doors as well as fire resistant doors.

90 landing doors, door width 600 – 1200 mm
Landing Door TYP 01/C
Landing Door TYP 11/L-R
Landing Door TYP 31/L-R
Landing Door TYP 41/C

48 car doors
Car Door TYP 02/C
Car Door  TYP 12/L-R
Car Door  TYP 35/L-R
Car Door TYP 44/C 

The door series offers several ways of installation in the niche or wall installation.

Setting Options:
Frames width and depth and height of the upper cross panel of the door frame are adjustable.

Wittur Hydra 3000     Wittur Hydra 3000 Schacht- und Kabinentüren  Wittur Hydra 3000 Schacht- und Kabinentüren

Please download the latest DigiPara Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library here: /en/support/manufacturer-library

The library update can be installed without updating the complete program. For detailed installation instructions visit https://download.digipara.com/SoftwareApplications/Details/Wittur