2018 was an eventful year

DigiPara proudly looks back on a number of groundbreaking improvements to our software for full BIM support in the elevator industry.

DigiPara developed groundbreaking new R&D features 

Elevator component suppliers can be “ready for BIM”

Support for LOD 100 to LOD 500 is one important feature


Building a DigiPara 3D BIM Component from a CAD model


At conferences and lectures in Germany and Europe we had the opportunity to introduce our BIM strategy to many interested professionals. We were happy to meet many new friends and customers.

DigiPara Liftdesigner 2018 conference in Zaragoza

Elevate your knowledge! At the E2 Forum Frankfurt

DigiPara at the European Lift Congress Heilbronn

Andreas Fleischmann presented the topic “From R&D to BIM”

We would like to say thanks to all our partners and customers for the pleasant cooperation. Looking forward to exciting projects in the coming year.

Please note that we will offer a limited support between Christmas and January 02, 2019.

Happy holidays!
Your DigiPara Team