There was a lot of news at DigiPara in 2019

DigiPara proudly looks back on a number of groundbreaking improvements to our software for full BIM support in the elevator industry. And above all, the DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud was successfully introduced!

Select BIM properties from predefined property sets like COBie and IFC4

The software comes with a predefined configuration sheet for each LOD.

DigiPara Liftdesigner now supports the legacy IFC 2.3 and IFC 4.0 export.


The IFC 4 file also contains all required wall openings of your elevator.


At the Interlift 2019 DigiPara again convinced as an expert in BIM and automation in the elevator industry. We are pleased that many manufacturers are interested to be part of our DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud!  Components that are on offer in the DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud can be conveniently built into plants, which supports components sales.

DigiPara presented their latest software solutions.

Andreas Fleischmann with “From R&D to BIM” on stage.

Plan anchor rails with the HILTI products.

BlueKit factory components as 3D BIM.

We would like to say thanks to all our partners and customers for the pleasant cooperation. Looking forward to exciting projects in the coming year.

Please note that we will offer a limited support between Christmas and January 02, 2020.

Happy Holidays!
Your DigiPara Team