The turkish elevator manufacturer Eren Makina Asansör has added their rail brackets to the DigiPara® Product Library .

The following rail brackets have been added:

Car rail brackets:

  • EMA 90-3
  • EMA 90-4
  • EMA 90-5
  • EMA 90-6
  • EMA 125-1
  • EMA 125-2
  • EMA 125-3

Counterweight rail bracket:

  • EMA 50-7-2 – Normal

Hydraulic rail bracket:

  • HK-10


Car rail bracket 125-1

To receive the new components, please download the latest Manufacturer Library.

The library update can be installed without updating the complete program. For detailed installation instructions visit /Manufacturerlibrary.aspx.

You can find further information about the new Eren Makina Asansör library at

About Eren Makina Asansör

Founded in 1979, Eren Makina Asansör is the only factory in the world that just
produces rail brackets. They are always improving their products to help installers in the shaft.

Eren Makina Asansör offers the following services:

  • professional guide rail bracket systems
  • exports to more than 35 countries worldwide
  • ships products packaged and galvanized (90 % of the products are in stock and are ready for shipment)
  • very fast and friendly sales team
  • compatible prices

For additional information, please visit