3 days of individual training with Otis employees from all over the world.
3 days of intensive exchange of experiences and knowledge.
3 days full of new insights.
And 3 days of getting to know the most important contacts of Otis.

At the end of our individual DigiPara Liftdesigner training, 3 enthusiastic training participants from Germany, France and India left us with the aim to roll out the worldwide 2016 version of “Otis ExpressDraw” which is the name of DigiPara Liftdesigner at Otis, in February 2016.

DigiPara Otis Liftdesigner Training  DigiPara Otis Training  DigiPara Otis training discussion  DigiPara Otis Training

DigiPara Otis Training Cologne  Otis at DigiPara

To meet the different requirements at Otis, our training team consisted of several DigiPara experts.

In the first 2 days the focus was on the latest features of DigiPara Liftdesigner 2016,  such as the new shaft and group configurator or the additional child objects, wall openings and wall segments. Our trainer Alexandra Komm then proved to the participants how easy their own products can be loaded. Selecting the pre-built components allows each user to configure his own products via the dynamic properties and dynamic rules. The training participants were able to immediately implement the newly learned workflow.

Eric Fleury from OTIS Gien is once again enthusiastic. “My focus is on the process of providing the customer with data. The opportunity of being able to exchange information with the colleagues who attended, was a real help for me. I wish I had so much knowledge of DigiPara Liftdesigner after all these years as Alexandra has after only 2 years of being with DigiPara!”

Torsten Belling from Berlin has been working with the Otis adaptation in Germany for many years and was once again a participant of our training. With the help of our colleague Heiko Richter, he can now make the necessary customizations with the new version.

Mahesh Chitnis from India also visited us once again. He leads the Expressdraw development project and provides the global integration into the ERP system of Otis.

Together with the participants, our CEO Andreas Fleischmann took the opportunity to export an existing Otis model in various ways. Comparing BIM exports between DigiPara Liftdesigner into Autodesk Revit, while exporting fromAutodesk Inventor or as a 3D DWG into AutoCAD, showing the many requirements and possibilities that emerge. Both the replacement of a simple BIM models against a complete BIM models as well as the possibilities of providing the 3D BIM models for the architects offered sufficient material for lively discussions.

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to get to know our our guests even better. Besides learning about DigiPara Liftdesigner, they also learned insider tips on the city of Cologne in the evenings.  Many thanks to Otis for their equally interesting and pleasant visit with us!

DigiPara Sightseeing with Otis  Otis visiting Museum in Cologne  Otis at DigiPara Sightseeing  DigiPara with Otis in Cologne

Otis visits Cologne  DigiPara and Otis have a break in the forrest