DigiPara® Liftdesigner Enterprise Automation for 1 Year (Basis Package)


1 Year Subscription for 5 Users

This is the right product, if you want:

  • to have all DigiPara Liftdesigner features available

This product is also a cheaper alternative, in case you need more than 3 users of DigiPara Liftdesigner CAD Automation Edition.

Important: To work smoothly all users must use the same edition. If you have any questions, please contact sales@digipara.com



1 Year Subscription for 5 Users (What is that?)
The software license will be valid for 1 year. If you want to continue using DigiPara Liftdesigner, you may then renew the license for another year.

Enterprise Automation adds the following features:

  • Liftdesigner Automation Web Plugin Server Software
  • Fully Automated Drawing Generation via Web Service
  • DigiPara Liftdesigner APIs

Also contains all BIM & CAD Automation features:

  • Make use of your own CAD Files
  • BIM Support: LOD, IFC 4.0, Properties
  • Extend the 3D BIM Library
  • DigiPara Liftdesigner Datamanager, to add your own BIM Models
  • BIM Exchange for Autodesk® Revit®
  • Excel File Automation
  • 3D export (DWF, IFC, 3D DWG)

Also contains all Professional Edition features:

  • Photorealistic Cabin Design
  • DigiPara® Escalatordesigner
  • 3D STEP

 Also contains all Starter Edition features:

  • Basis version for traction & hydraulic elevators
  • Manufacturer Library with more than 70 suppliers
  • 3D Elevator Design
  • 2D export (DWG, PDF)
  • Group elevators
  • For Modernization and New Installation

Included Subscription Services:

  • Email-support (max. 5 requests per year)
  • All software updates
  • BIM Supplier Library updates

Pricing schema for Enterprise Automation

  • Pricing relates to the number of sold Units (Elevators or Escalators) and the related drawing generations
  • Contains 5 Named User Licenses
  • Contains 2 DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation Web Plugin Server Installations (Each server installation also needs one of the 5 User licenses)
  • This package is valid for up to 3,250 Drawing Generations / Year (as a maximum of generated drawing sets on all automated Servers)
  • This package is recommended for up to 650 Sold Elevators per year (calculation basis: generation of  4 quotation drawing sets + 1 order drawing set = 5 x 650 = 3,250 drawing generations)
  • You may license one or more “DigiPara® Liftdesigner Enterprise Automation for 1 Year (On Top Package)” for additional licenses, drawing generations or sold units