Promote your Products in DigiPara Liftdesigner!

DigiPara® Liftdesigner Distribution Agreement

Make DigiPara work for you!

Easily promote your own products in DigiPara Liftdesigner. Just add your products library to all DigiPara Liftdesigner Editions including the Free Edition as well.

This will be an outstanding benefit upon others, since the Free Edition usually does not contain any supplier library.

  • Learn how to add all your products
  • Certify the products for DigiPara Liftdesigner
  • Deliver your products with DigiPara Liftdesigner
  • DigiPara will inform 15,000 contacts worldwide

DigiPara® Liftdesigner Distribution Agreement

These services will be included!

5 Days DigiPara Liftdesigner Training to ensure certified products

Get an overview about DigiPara® Liftdesigner basics and advances options. Learn how to add and maintain your products in DigiPara® Liftdesigner.

After this you can easily add all products by yourself and certify them for DigiPara Liftdesigner. So your customers can always be sure to get the correct and up-to-date product!

Distribution of your Products as STEP, DWG or PDF to 3,000 users

Delivery of your products to our DigiPara Liftdesigner clients. The products can easily be selected within the software. Your company logo may be added on the startscreen, if we include you individual configurator. Users can easily download your products as step, dwg or pdf without using DigiPara Liftdesigner.

Update activities on DigiPara side of your product library inside DigiPara Liftdesigner (all editions) up to 6 x year.

DigiPara Liftdesigner Product Loading License

Use of DigiPara Liftdesigner software – choose your suitable CAD Edition for SolidWorks, PTC Creo or Autodesk Inventor. 2-user-license for the complete running time of the Distribution Agreement included in the Annual Distribution Cost.