In the last time we had several requests from clients to add their own LCID codes. Due to a variable parameter limitation, this behaviour is now available starting with version 5.4.

Step 1: L_InternetLCIDTab
Register a new local identifier ( LCID).

–> Important All 3 numbers (LCID_RID, LCID_VALUE and LCID_DLG_RID) must
be the same


Step 2: L_DrawingLanguageTab

Define a new Drawing Language for DigiPara® Liftdesigner .
–> Use the correct DLG_RID, as used in step 1!


Step 3:
Add a new record and use the new drawing language, probably you must restart LIFTdatamanager before this step.


Step 4: Use in LD:
Select the new LCID code in DigiPara® Liftdesigner .