Default Data pool

Version 5.4 has improved user settings. In previous version, the default data pool has been created in e.g.


In enterprise environments this was sometimes leading to issues, since the complete data pool has been synchronized during login and logout, when the “documents” folder was stored on a central server.

This behaviour has been improved. With 5.4 the default data pool will be created in a folder that is assigned to the user on the local machine:

LDUser.mdb file

The LDUser.mdb file stores information about the registered data pools of the user and also other local information, like user preferences, recent windows sizes and locations.

The LDUser.mdb also has been moved to a different location:

Actually the complete DigiPara directory has been moved from

to the new location:

This also means that toolbar and docking window settings are now saved at:

Automatic toolbar reset:

Some clients claimed that after installing a new ldm-file, sometimes the customized toolbar settings are resetted. In general this happens if the imported ldm installs additional toolbar commands.
For safety reasons the toolbar is resetted to make all commands visioble to the user.

In version 5.4 is now an option to avoid that behaviour:
Open the file ( using Microsoft Access):

In the Section
DigiPara® Liftdesigner -> PreferencesEnvironment
set the key: AutomaticToolbarReset to “False”

If the section is not existing, change an environment setting inside the DigiPara® Liftdesigner preferences and click OK. Exit DigiPara® Liftdesigner before you make the change.