Image: Andreas Fleischmann, CEO at DigiPara, will present the topic “Are you ready for BIM?”

DigiPara Liftdesigner 2018: From R&D to BIM

BIM explanation for elevator companies

DigiPara will be a part of the European Lift Congress Heilbronn (ELCH). At this Congress Andreas Fleischmann, CEO DigiPara AG, will explain BIM tools and the influences of the coming BIM standardization to elevator component suppliers, elevator manufacturers, VT consultants and architects. The forecast for 2020 will explain the attendees the urgency of BIM.

“Building Information Modelling (BIM)“ is a method to optimize the planning, implementation and management of a building using a digital 3D BIM model.

Image: The CAD tool must be able to export the elevator in different BIM-LOD Levels. (here LOD: 200)

Image: The CAD tool must be able to export the elevator in different BIM-LOD Levels. (here LOD: 350)

Impact of BIM for Elevator Component Suppliers

Not only Elevator companies are affected by BIM, even Elevator component suppliers are part of the supply chain and must understand, what they will have to do in the future.

Image: Elevator suppliers are part of the BIM supply chain

“Are you ready for BIM?”

At the end of this presentation you may answer the question, whether your company “is ready for BIM” or what can be done, if not!

Image: Even elevator component suppliers must be “ready for BIM”

Join the European Lift Congress Heilbronn 2018!

The topics of the European Lift Congress Heilbronn 2018 will be interdisciplinary and will cover international standards, the achievements of the international associations and the technology. It will take place in Villingen on October 16 and 17, 2018, and will include a visit to the test tower in Rottweil. Dr. Vogel will again compile presentations and documents of well-known experts and present a highly topical programme.