PRISMA increases its brand awareness with the help of DigiPara

In addition to making further changes in its operational structure, the Italian lift door manufacturer PRISMA is now also implementing a sales restructuring in the DACH market. In order to increase its appeal to potential decision makers in the lift industry, Prisma now works with the lift-planning tool Liftdesigner.

Expanding existing sales markets with the right tools

For lift door manufacturer PRISMA, it was clear that increasing their sales reach in such a conservative niche market would require a well-thought-out strategy. After the takeover by NBSL, the established component manufacturer decided to reposition itself in the DACH market in terms of sales. This included not only further development of components but also expansion of brand awareness, says Sales Manager Giuseppe Cavozza: ‘In order to be competitive in the DACH market, we have to become better known, especially among lift manufacturers. Our goal is therefore to strengthen our brand awareness in this domain.’


’With Liftdesigner Cloud as a marketing tool, we can make potential customers in the DACH region aware of PRISMA.’

Giuseppe Cavozza
Sales Manager at PRISMA

PRISMA’s lift doors available in Liftdesigner component library

PRISMA identified the Liftdesigner Cloud as a good way of increasing awareness in the DACH region. Liftdesigner users have access to a component library containing modules such as cabins, doors for lifts and shafts and even complete lifts, which are provided by various manufacturers. When planning lifts, suitable components with appropriate dimensions and specifications can be selected directly from the library. Well-known lift manufacturers such as Otis, Schindler and TK Elevator also access the data in the Liftdesigner Cloud on a daily basis. ‘Some time ago, we became aware of the Liftdesigner Cloud through existing customers,’ said Sales Manager Giuseppe Cavozza. ‘We were regularly asked whether our components were also available in DigiPara Liftdesigner,’ he continued. ‘This gave us the idea of using the Liftdesigner Cloud as a sales and marketing tool to make potential customers in the DACH region aware of Prisma.’


Screenshot: PRISMA Component in DigiPara Liftdesigner

As PRISMA develops its own products, individual employees of the company have been trained in providing modules for their ranges via Liftdesigner. ‘The support and training from DigiPara are excellent,’ said Giuseppe Cavozza. ‘Even after the training sessions, we have received really personalised support that goes far beyond what we already learned.’


‘At DigiPara, BIM functionality has long been standard. We wanted to be one step ahead of competitors.’

Giuseppe Cavozza
Sales Manager at PRISMA

The Liftdesigner Cloud is also the basis for the web configurator developed by DigiPara. It allows existing and potential PRISMA customers to configure lift doors exactly in accordance with their requirements. As part of the process, they receive the drawing they require and the corresponding BIM model. ‘With DigiPara, the BIM functionality has long been standard. And more and more requests for BIM models are also coming from our customers. We wanted to be one step ahead of many competitors in the industry,’ says PRISMA's Sales Manager.


Screenshot: PRISMAs Web Configurator

Ready for growing demand volume in the DACH region

With around 8,000 Liftdesigner users, Giuseppe Cavozza hopes for an increase in demand and higher awareness: ‘If we were to reach even a fraction of them, it would bring us a huge profit. Of course, the big lift manufacturers such as TK Elevator, Otis and Schindler are particularly attractive for us.’ But the cooperation with DigiPara is also helping Prisma to serve existing customers, explains Giuseppe Cavozza: ‘Our established customers already know about the cooperation and can hardly wait to have our components easily to hand in the component library,’ says Giuseppe Cavozza.



PRISMA is an industrial enterprise managed by a team with over 40 years’ combined experience in its sector. It is recognised as a benchmark within the elevator market. Continuous technical development and innovation, plus a commitment to the highest standards in quality, performance, safety and customer support, have made the company one of the most important specialists in the design, development and manufacturing of automatic doors for lifts. The Prisma range of products for new installations, custom modernisation solutions and all kinds of specialised applications are truly comprehensive.

DigiPara AG

DigiPara has been developing software for efficient planning and configuration of lifts and escalators for more than 25 years. As an expert in BIM for lift construction, DigiPara’s software applications are used in more than 130 countries worldwide by a customer base that includes well-known companies such as TK Elevator, Otis and Schindler. In 2020, around 1,000,000 drawings and 3D BIM models were created completely automatically worldwide with the help of DigiPara BIM software.

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