We have added new machines to the DigiPara® Liftdesigner manufacturer library.  Ziehl-Abegg

New drive Zetatop SM 190.15/23C
New drive Zetatop SM 225.45C
New drive Zetatop SM 225.45C – Forced ventilation
New drive Zetatop SM 225.45C – Brake with manual release
New drive Zetatop SM 225.45C – Forced ventilation-Brake with manual release
Flat frame SM 160.20/30/40
Flat frame SM 200.15/20/30/40 C
Flat frame SM 225.40/45
Elevated frame SM 160.20/30B/40B
Elevated frame SM 200.15/20/30/40 C
Elevated frame SM 225.40B/45C
SM 200.30C Gear Frame + DR240/320
SM 225.45C Flat Frame
SM 225.45C Elevated Frame
SM 225.45C Traction Machine

The machines can be placed to the machine room and to the shaft head.

SM-225.45C-Brake-with-manual-release-with-flat-frame Zetatop-SM-190.23C Zetatop-SM-225.45C-Standard-with-elevated-frame


Please download the latest DigiPara Liftdesigner Manufacturer Library here: /de/support/herstellerbibliothek

The library update can be installed without updating the complete program. For detailed installation instructions visit https://download.digipara.com/Ziehl___Abegg