BlueKit factory components as 3D BIM within DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud

BlueKit is ready for BIM!


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BlueKit is ready for BIM! Just in time for the Interlift, DigiPara® Liftdesigner can also be used to plan the shaft smoke extraction with the BlueKit solutions. In the manufacturer’s library you will find 3D BIM models of the BlueKit system components as well as a large number of ventilation elements. Just choose your suitable product with a few clicks!


As the products have been certified by BlueKit factory for DigiPara Liftdesigner you can always be sure to avoid any errors when making your entries. Just three clicks to export the latest version of  your selected BlueKit factory product to any other CAD software.

Control devices

BlueKit All-In-One

  • BK-AIO Terminal
  • BK-AIO Lift Vent

Lift status and air quality control

Lift status transmitter

  • LST

Ventilation flaps for new buildings

horizontal mounting

  • JK-180 HV
  • Thermo-Flap (TF)
  • JK-180 HVC
  • JK-180 HVL

vertical mounting

  • JK-180-HV-ALAS
  • S9-iVt-05 LF-MR
  • Tairmo-LF-MR

Ventilation flaps for renovations

Horizontal and vertical mounting

  • JK-190
  • Slide Flap

Smoke detection devices

Lift beam

  • LB-Controller
  • LB-Beam

Smoke Aspiration System (RAS)

  • Titanus

Smoke detectors

  • Point Detector

for use with BK-CT

  • RST Orange

for use with BK-AIO

  • BK-RT45-RJi
  • BK-RT45-L-RJ

Discover the features of DigiPara Liftdesigner!

Regardless of the BlueKit products – with our DigiPara Liftdesigner Free Edition you can easily choose components and adjust your dimensions. It is the perfect tool, if you need quotation and installation drawings in 2D and 3D. The Free Edition supports all elevator companies with their entire planning process, thus bringing time and cost advantages.

BlueKit: Your partner for reliable lift shaft ventilation and certified ventilation flaps

BlueKit provides energy costs-reducing lift shaft ventilation. Safety and energy savings at the same time, that’s the advantage of the intelligent and independently operating BlueKit system. When a BlueKit closure component is installed in the external opening in the lift shaft, this prevents the continuous escape of heated building air and eliminates the need to provide continuous cooling for the incoming summer air. In an emergency or when ventilation is needed, the closure component opens automatically.

Even in airtight lift shafts without an external opening, BlueKit ensures that there is sufficient ventilation.
In some passive buildings and low energy buildings, lift shafts are constructed with a ventilation opening to the stairwell instead of an external opening. Even here, BlueKit provides an appropriate solution. This solution delivers ventilation performance meeting both the statutory requirements and the needs of a lift shaft located in an energy-saving, air tight building.