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Automate your elevator BIM models with elevator configuration software.


Leading elevator manufacturers use our elevator configuration software

Elevator BIM & Drawing Software

DigiPara Liftdesigner is the leading software for elevator design, used by most of the top 50 elevator manufacturers world wide.

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Elevator Drawings from your Variant Configurator:


Automated Elevator Drawings


  • Installation drawings
  • Cabin approval drawings
  • BIM models

from your

  • Variant configurator
  • ERP system
  • Home made product configurator

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Take your elevator design to a new level
with elevator configuration software

Take full control of your elevator projects


Create installation drawings in minutes.

Component Supplier

Give your customers direct access to your BIM models.


Create installation drawings in minutes.

Installation Companies

Click installation drawings and BIM models together.

VT Consultants

Create BIM and CAD models at the touch of a button.