DigiPara takes Cibes instant Brochures to a new Level

Detailed impressions: To make Cibes’ brochures more vivid for end customers, DigiPara developed new program features that enable instant creation of more detailed 3D lift models. Fully automated creation of brochures added another dimension to the project.


For better communication between architect and building owner

Misunderstandings between architects and building owners are a major challenge in lift planning. One reason for this is that many lift manufacturers offer architects – their largest customer group – technical drawings that can only be read by experts. The building owner, on the other hand, usually has only limited knowledge when it comes to reading 2D lift drawings. As a result, there are often subsequent requests for changes, which not only cause considerable additional expense for the lift manufacturers but also reduce customer satisfaction between the architect and the building owner.


“Customers satisfaction is our most important asset, and that is why we set ourselves a goal of optimising our drawings … Working with DigiPara, we found the right solution to achieve that goal.”

Paul Bokkers
Director Marketing & Aftersales at Cibes

The Swedish lift manufacturer Cibes is also familiar with this problem: “One of our main customer groups consists of architects who we stay in regular contact with,” explains Paul Bokkers, Director Marketing & Aftersales at Cibes. “Customer satisfaction is our most important asset, and that is why we set ourselves a goal of optimising our drawings to enable better visualisation for the customer. We felt that a 3D-model extension would help to eliminate various kinds of misunderstanding, and we chose to work on that solution with DigiPara. They have been our lift design partner for several years.”


Automated instant and bespoke brochures transform business

Cibes and DigiPara developed not only a detailed 3D lift model but also fully automated generation of bespoke brochures. In the brochures, all 2D and 3D models are displayed in accordance with individually configured parameters and specifications. The brochures themselves are generated automatically and instantly. “With the automatic generation of the brochure, we have reached a new level and save a lot of time and resources,” says Ted Rosen, project owner at Cibes. “This was an important step for us from a business point of view because the number of inquiries has risen sharply in recent years. We were able to optimise our sales processes and increase customer satisfaction thanks to the rapid generation of brochures. The replacement of our manual processes and the introduction of automation was an important measure that really delivered efficiency gains. It was thanks to DigiPara that we were able to achieve this.”


“The automatic generation of bespoke brochures developed by DigiPara has enabled us to make big resource savings. With their help, we were able to establish a more efficient process.”

Ted Rosen
Project Manager at Cibes


DigiPara has developed fully automatic generation of bespoke brochures with deep-detailed 3D visualisations

New DigiPara feature meets 3D-visualisation needs of Cibes

In order to display lift models as realistically as possible, the DigiPara team further developed its 3D visualisation feature in accordance with the requirements of Cibes. The result: a detailed 3D visualisation that depicts colours, materials, reflections and lighting with photorealism. This development is a cornerstone of successful communication between architect and building owner.


“The implementation of new Cibes requirements for their Liftdesigner models was an exciting time for us, thanks to the excellent and constructive cooperation. The result of this successful collaboration is fully automated brochure creation.”

Kai Nitz
Project Manager at DigiPara

Ted Rosen of Cibes expressed his appreciation for the results: “The customised quotation brochures we produced previously did not answer the needs of our end customers in terms of visualisation. The new brochures show in impressive detail what the design and configuration of the lift will be like, enabling customers to picture the end result more clearly – even customers without technical knowledge. With these detailed, individualised and fully automated brochures, we have reached the next level of personalised quotation for our customers. When we launched the customised quotation brochure, we quickly received positive feedback from customers around the world.”

Cibes Lift Group

Cibes Lift Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of vertical platform lifts and is known for its Swedish quality and design. The products can be customised for both public and private areas. Sales, installation and service are provided through the company’s worldwide network of subsidiaries and partners. Headquartered in Gävle, Cibes has 1,064 employees, a sales network in 72 countries and subsidiaries in 17 countries. In 2020, the company’s sales amounted to approximately SEK 1.4 billion.

DigiPara AG

DigiPara has been developing software for efficient planning and configuration of lifts and escalators for more than 25 years. As an expert in BIM for lift construction, DigiPara’s software applications are used in more than 130 countries worldwide by a customer base that includes well-known companies such as TK Elevator, Otis and Schindler. In 2020, around 1,000,000 drawings and 3D BIM models were created completely automatically worldwide with the help of DigiPara BIM software.

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