Elevatorarchitect "White Label": Elevator Planning on your Website

Elevatorarchitect WhiteLabel

Digital Offering for Your Clients

Add Digital Offering to your website Your Clients, clients will return for the next design.

Get Visibility to 4.0 Mio BIM-Platform users

Image: Your products within bimobject.com. More than 50.000 users (of 4.0 Mio) visit bimobject.com everyday 

We assist you to bring your EAO WL products to the most important BIM platforms like bimobject.com, bimstore.co and others.

Get Visibility to VT Consultants worldwide

Traffic analysis very important for high buildings 

VT (Vertical transportation) consultants are using traffic analysis software on a daily basis 


Elevate from Peters Research 

Elevate from Peters Research is the number one traffic analysis software  


VT Consultants gets BIM models of your brand in seconds 

DigiPara® Elevatorarchitect is fully integrated into elevate® from Peters research. By the push of  button the VT consultant gets the BIM models & drawings he need and can rely on your certified elevator dimensions.  

Being part of our Elevatorarchitect platform means, to get listed to VT Consultants.  

Image: DigiPara Elevatorarchitect is fully automated from Elevate Software from Peters Research 

Go live in one day

This will be the procedure: 

Step 1: Fill an Excel Sheet with your Elevator Models  

Image sample: You can take the dimensions from such a technical pdf documents. 

Image: Add the technical value into a predefined Excel Sheet (You get this from DigiPara) 

Step 2: Add the technical value

Step 3: Automatic generation of LD3 Templates and uploading to the platform