Easily create a new elevator using the Shaft Wizard within DigiPara Liftdesigner

With DigiPara Liftdesigner every beginner can create a new elevator

I am responsable for Marketing & Sales at DigiPara, I am not used to construction of elevators or to CAD software but: it's a breeze to create a new elevator with the help of DigiPara Liftdesigner Shaft Wizard.

After installing and activating the software you can easily start with your first steps. DigiPara Liftdesigner displays the start screen automatically. For more information about the basic structure please check the online documentation.

There are two options to create your first elevator. We recommend you to 1. click on the start page icon and 2. then click on NEW Elevator on the startpage.

The Shaft Wizard

Now the Shaft Wizard is started. It will assist you to set up the basic parameters of your new elevator project.

The Shaft Wizard displays a series of dialog boxes in which you can select and enter the information for your elevator.

While the Shaft Wizard is active, the view window in the background automatically displays the changes generated from your entries. Please don't hesitate to go on - there is no need to worry about making mistakes. All entered values and selected components are changeable later.

Step 1: Main Project Information

In the first step of the Shaft Wizard just enter the main project information like project name, project number, commission  number, author, date, project units and project standard for the title blocks. You can also change the current solution in this step.

This data does not affect the technical part of the project. Get more information.

Step 2: Building Data

The step of the Shaft Wizard allows you to choose the number of of floors. Set up the typical floor distance and modify the elevator travel length, if you need. You can also create building floor levels.

These options depend on you - just add or remove the relevant check marks. Get more information.


Step 3: Main Requirements

This dialog allows you to choose a traction or hydraulic elevator. You can easily change the basic parameters for your suitable elevator drive typ.

You can also define the payload and speed by simply cklicking on the arrow in the choice boxes. Get more information.


Step 4: Elevator Characteristics

Now it's upto you to select the settings to be used in the rope arrangement dialog. Just define the location of the drive, select the car roping, the counterweight roping and also the counterweight location. Get more information.


Step 5: Load Sheet Templates

In the last step it's important to load different Sheet templates, for example the Cabin Approval Drawing, the LD A3 Assembly Drawing or the LD Builders Drawing. You can select them from the list to be loaded. Get more information.

You can also create your own sheet templates and store them in the Sheets directory - I will explain this in another article.



Are you interested in our DigiPara Liftdesigner?

This helpful Shaft Wizard is already included in the DigiPara Liftdesigner Free Edition. Just download the software for free and start your first elevator project!