DigiPara Liftdesigner 2017: Using a PTC Creo elevator railbracket and export to BIM

With DigiPara Liftdesigner Version 2017, DigiPara can now load 3D models from many popular CAD programs, as there are:

  • from PTC Creo
  • from Autodesk Inventor
  • from Solidworks

There is a great video on Youtube that shows, how a railbracket, designed in PTC Creo is reused in a DigiPara Liftdesigner elevator model:

  • load the PTC CReo railbracket file into DigiPara Liftdesigner
  • Export the DigiPara Elevator BIM file
  • the architect uses your elevator BIM model (shown within Autodesk Revit)

This is the Youtube link:


Any feedback is welcome.

Chinese users might video the same video on Youku.com