DigiPara logo relaunch 2019

Everything is new in May. New brand identity for DigiPara. Functionally. Contemporary. Target group-oriented. The brand DigiPara has a long history. “If you want to reach the top” – with this motto, Andreas Fleischmann founded the company “Digital Partner” in 1989. At that time he developed the first program “Vario Control Center”, which automatically produced the desired geometries from the variables of the AutoCAD drawings. In those days, first small elevator companies were working with the parametric software. In the coming years, countless new ideas have been developed and implemented since 1993 as DigiPara GmbH. DigiPara is represented with the help oft he logo. It ensures the perception of the target groups. As a fundamental part of our brand communication, the image brand has been anchored in the minds of the customers for many years.

What does the icon convey to the outside world? Is the message clear?

Digital partner. DigiPara. D and P. These two letters have been the basis of the logo for almost 30 years. Mirrored, rotated, duplicated and nested. The visualization of an elevator shaft. DigiPara as a key point. Dynamic, colorful, modern. DigiPara has put the external effect of its logo in a row. The company has changed and these days communicates a clear message – BIM up your elevator! The focus is on building information modeling in the elevator industry. DigiPara supports customers to integrate the 3D BIM data into the elevtor software. And thus to make it available to thousands of users worldwide. DigiPara provides the platform to share, edit and reuse components and elevators. Without unnecessary frills the DigiPara “d” focuses on this statement. Two individual parts form a letter in the head of the beholder – here they make sense. Just like the components and elevators in our software. The recognizable icon in cool Petrol reinforces our position as experts in BIM in the elevator industry in the market. The adaptation of the corporate design will also ensure that DigiPara is represented a targeted manner on all channels in the future. “If you want to reach the top > BIM in your elevator!”