BIM & Drawing Automation Training with our guests from thyssenkrupp Elevadores Brasil


DigiPara Liftdesigner Product Loading of BIM components at thyssenkrupp Elevadores Brasil with our trainer Sabine.

Automate synergy GAD & BIM models

This year we had a great experience with our customers and partners from thyssenkrupp Elevadores Brasil. The goal was to automate the thyssenkrupp Synergy Brazil model at the first step of the sales process. This will be the basis for the development of further elevator BIM models into DigiPara Software according to the worldwide thyssenkrupp strategy.

First step: Product Loading Training in Brasil

In a first step our trainer Sabine went to Brasil in August 2019 for 2 weeks product loading training. Together with the thyssenkrupp team she started the loading of elevator BIM components and sheet templates. After this everyone had the chance to join several online meetings and work on this task for 2 more months.

DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation training in our German office with Andreas Fleischmann.

The training was also held in smaller groups and different rooms, as here Sabine together with Monique.

thyssenkrupp Elevadores Brasil in Germany

In November 2019, Monique Madeira, Ladimir Abdala, Roberto Costa Araújo, Antonio Dai Pra Airoldi and Alexandre Magnus visited our DigiPara office in Germany for the second part of the training.

Ladimir Abdala, Automation Analyst at thyssenkrupp: “We’ve evolved into LiftDesigner source code and product loading and have dispelled doubts with software experts Andreas, Zhangyuan, Sabine and Manuel.
The involvement of the team in this project with IT, engineering and sales staff should ensure clarity of data for correct project development.”

Second step: XML Automation Training

After loading all components like car frames, rail brackets and doors into the DigiPara elevator BIM software, the next step was the automation of the drawing generation: Therefore XML parameters had to be exported from the tke-Brasil ERP system to automatically create the BIM models on the DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation server.

Andreas Fleischmann, CEO at DigiPara:
“I had the chance to held some small sessions during these 2 weeks. It was a pleasure to working with the very motivated tke team personally”


For development and project management the team is using Microsoft Azure Devops, depending on their future tasks in the course of completion in Brazil.

After almost 4 months the BIM & drawing automation is almost done. 1-2 months of work is still in front of the tke team.

We look back on two exciting weeks: Beside a lot of learning and doing, an important target for the teams was to get to know each other well. We joined several team games like table football and curling. We also visited some old Cologne breweries all together.

Ladimir Abdala, Automation Analyst at thyssenkrupp:
“In a great development environment at DigiPara, with the necessary structure for the work team.
We will return to Brazil with a lot of experience and the responsibility to complete, test and provide this new tool to the sales team.”

The whole DigiPara service team were very pleased to show our guests a bit of Cologne and its history. In the end, much work has been done – and everyone has had a lot of fun as well.

The Brasilian team joined a guided tour over the roofs of Cologne Cathedral, learning lots about German history.

Another kind of buiding drawings – exciting information about 632 years construction of the Cologne Cathedral.

Unique spectacle for our guest as well as for our team: Sunset over the illuminated roof tops of the Cologne Cathedral.

DigiPara and thyssenkrupp together on the roof top of the cathedral – exciting view over Cologne in the night.

The team of thyssenkrupp took the chance to make some amazing photos of the Cathedral.

Both teams had a lot of fun with the curling. Deuschland:Brazil.