The new DigiPara Elevatorarchitect for VT-Consultants

Create coordination views at the touch of a button


For a clear process

Take full control of your workflows to support your design process.

Communication that gets through

Share BIM models with your customers and suppliers.

Stay independent

Access manufacturer-independent designs. With our "Maximum" model range, we ensure that elevators from all major manufacturers fit in the shaft.

Work with established standards

Easily create elevator BIM models according to the ISO 8100-30 standard.

The perfect BIM workflow for VT-Consultants

Upload building

Share BIM models with architects


Design elevators

Download BIM model

One BIM solution for all


For Manufacturers

Be part of it from the beginning and create visibility to over 3 million architects worldwide!


For VT-Consultants

Simplify and speed up the communication process with the architect.


For Architects

Access the elevator BIM models of various manufacturers for your design.

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