Legal Form Change to DigiPara GmbH

Conversion from DigiPara AG to DigiPara GmbH

Effectively 10. April 2024, we changed the legal form of DigiPara AG to DigiPara GmbH.

The Cologne District Court registered the conversion of DigiPara GmbH under the new HRB 118815 ruling. For our customers and suppliers, nothing has changed other than the name.

This step was required to join the forces with the BuildTec Sofwtare Group and will help to continue the company's growth path. Mr. Andreas Fleischmann will continue as CEO of the company.

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About DigiPara GmbH

DigiPara has been developing software for efficient planning and configuration of lifts and escalators for more than 30 years. As an expert in BIM for lift construction, DigiPara's software applications are used in more than 130 countries worldwide by a customer base that includes well-known companies such as TK-Elevator, Otis, and Schindler. In 2023 worldwide around 1,000,000 drawings and 3D BIM models were created completely automatically with the help of DigiPara BIM software.

Commercial Register
Extract of 29. April 2024
AG Köln HRB 118815