DigiPara Liftdesigner training documents in Turkish language online

As there are lots of Turkish customers we are happy to provide training materials in Turkish language as pdf files now. There is also a Turkish DigiPara website.

We have translated a basic training manual and several Turkish documents with the topic “developer training” in our online documentation:

  • BasicTraining_LD2017_TR


  • DeveloperTraining_SheetTemplates_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_MessagesTranslations_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_LayerConfiguration_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_LD2017_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_Doors_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_TractionMachine_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_DutyTables_TR
  • DeveloperTraining_HydraulicUnits_TR