New modular DigiPara Online Trainings


Instructor-led online training sessions: will they work?

The new situation is forcing all of us to look ahead and rethink how we work. In times when face-to-face training is no longer desired or possible, we all have to adapt to the given circumstances.

Training will have to take a different form, but the underlying principles can remain the same. In that spirit, we have chosen to reshape our proven DigiPara Liftdesigner training courses while still delivering them with the help of an instructor who will accompany you and answer your questions.

Modular structure for flexible learning

Our redesigned training courses have a modular structure. This allows you to focus on precisely the things you need in your workplace when compiling a program of training.

You will usually start with the course  "A1: DigiPara Liftdesigner Fundamentals", the next part of your training will be determined by your specific task. To identify which course is right for you, do a search based on your desired training goal. Under “Requirements”, all the courses required to achieve your goal will be listed and described in detail.

Low technical requirements

We have deliberately kept the technical requirements for participation in our training low. We use GoToTraining for essential functionality like chat, audio and video.

Furthermore, we provide each participant with a DigiPara Liftdesigner license and access to a training environment via remote desktop. In this way, we can ensure that everything is perfectly set up for training sessions on the remote computer. A DigiPara software installation on your PC is not necessary.


Each attendee gets access to their own training environment via remote desktop

Recommendation: camera, headset and two screens

Although we meet online in a virtual space, behind the digital devices there are real human beings. So, it’s much more fun we can all see each other. We recommend that every participant switches on their camera – at least temporarily. It is also desirable to use a headset. This makes communication easier, especially when the teaching language is not your mother tongue.

It is also a great advantage if a participant has a workstation with two screens. On one of the screens, you will have features that allow you to communicate, view the instructor’s presentation and watch live demos. On the other screen, you will see the remote training environment where you work on exercises

Sample training set-up with two screens, camera and headset for the best experience

Component manufacturers:

Courses for the new DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud

Manufacturers of elevator components make their components available to their customers in the DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud.

Component manufacturers can learn how to make their products available for DigiPara Liftdesigner by attending the modules that make up the course "PL: Product Loading BIM components" . Once uploaded to the DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud, a manufacturer’s components will be available to thousands of DigiPara Liftdesigner users free of charge.

Training courses for component manufacturers are now also available

Escalator manufacturers:

Automate and share your BIM models

Our courses for escalator manufacturers have been completely redesigned. After completing the ES1-ES4 courses, a manufacturer’s project engineers will be familiar with entire series of escalators, enabling them to fully automate 2D CAD drawings and 3D BIM models.  The corresponding BIM models can then be shared with over 25,000 DigiPara elevator architect users (mainly architects).

Automate your escalator types and sizes

Training sessions are in German, English or Chinese

Our training courses are available in three different languages. The instructor will use the most appropriate language for the participants.

All of the training documentation we use is available in English, German and Chinese. In addition, it is partly available in Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish. If you would like the instruction materials to be in one of these languages, please contact us in advance.

Company-specific training courses can also be delivered by an instructor using the Spanish, Portuguese or Turkish language.

Compile your company-specific training program

If you need courses to run on different dates than those scheduled, or in a different language than that indicated, individualized programs of training can be created. Contact to discuss sequencing of courses, training dates and pricing.