Perfect Elevator Sections within DigiPara Liftdesigner

Your target

DigiPara Liftdesigner gives you the opportunity to display your 2D drawing as 3D model. If you want to have a section at a specific point of your 3D-model, there are two different options you can use.

The shaft is open at the front wall as default.

Define an elevator shaft section

Enable the section plane of the shaft and set the value to -1200. That works for the shaft, but unfortunately not for the components; not for the simplified parts and also not for the loaded CAD models.If you need a real section “Enable section plane” does not deliver the sufficient result.

Shaft Section–Components are not cut

Enable the elevator section plane

“Enable section Plane” option has to be disabled. Choose the box detail section “Group [3613]” In this case usually P0.Y and P1.Y are the positive and negative maxima of the box. By changing the value, you can influence the section as desired.

Properly cut components and shaft

If you need more information, just have a look at our  online help

Even elements like buffers are exactly cut