SUCCESS STORY: Drawing Automation for Homelift Type QUARTZ

The company „LM Liftmaterial“ located in Munich, Germany just climbed to the next level. Fully automated drawings for the new machine-room-less Homelift Type QUARTZ can be instantly designed with the help of DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation. At LM Liftmaterial, performance and customer satisfaction are one of their first priorities. As a result of this, they are continuously looking for new ideas and products to optimize their own work processes.


With the launch of new products for the machine-room-less Homelift Type QUARTZ, which includes special requirements such as variable Cabin sizes, front and rear entrances, LM Liftmaterial was searching for software to create fully automatic drawings. Up to now, standard production always involved a considerable amount of time, which affected the speed of the Sales process.

„Today, manual drawings are in demand but they are too time-consuming. Therefore, we can’t expect our customers in 2014 to accept this.“
(Wolfgang Bundlechner, Director Logistics LM Liftmaterial)

LM Liftmaterial found DigiPara, one of the world’s leading providers of CAD software solutions for elevator and escalator drawings. With the software DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation, true-to-scale elevator drawings are generated fully automated within seconds. A big advantage is that sales can react quickly due to the integration of SAP and other ERP systems. At the same time drawings are standardized, which reduces the amount of drawing errors. With many years of extensive experience and references, DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation is quickly convincing. As a result, the project „Automated drawings for the machine-room-less Homelift Type QUARTZ“ was ordered.


DigiPara started the project in the middle of 2013. The project was split up into 4 phases.

Phase I
Phase I contained the first implementation of the elevator model logic as well as loading all of the project data for the QUARTZ model (250 kg) in the respective data structures. The elevator manufacturer hired an external Server for this project so they could continually update and add product data to the project. Due to the low requirements from DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation, they had a sufficient and simple cost-effective model.

Phase II
Phase II started in September 2013. All the data created in July & August as sent to LM Liftmaterial. Afterwards, they received 10 days of DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation training. After the training, all employees were required to independently use DigiPara LIFTdesigner Automation for all elevator data enhancements and adjustments as well as logic & changes to sheet temples for any of the QUARTZ models (315 kg, 385 kg, 500 kg). This one important aspect played a crucial role in DigiPara’s company philosophy.

„Our goal is that every customer can add and maintain their own products in DigiPara Liftdesigner without any intervention from us.“
(Andreas Fleischmann, President DigiPara)

Phase III
In October, DigiPara and LM Liftmaterial meet to get an overview of the product implementation. Additional adjustments were also discussed in detail for installation drawings. Furthermore, model specific adjustments and a test phase were successfully completed by the middle of November.

Phase IV
In the final phase of the project, end of last year, the developed QUARTZ configuration project with drawing automation using DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation was officially launched. The project was finished successfully. With the use of DigiPara Liftdesigner Automation, the sales processes are now accelerated and optimized. Now all QUARTZ elevator drawings from LM Liftmaterial are created fully automated.

With such a successful and professional implementation of this project, expect a long lasting working relationship between the two companies.

„The outcome is phenomenal. I can also already imagine using drawing automation for existing elevator models through the use of DigpaPara Liftdesigner Automation.“
(Wolfgang Bundlechner, Director Logistics LM Liftmaterial)

About LM Liftmaterial

LM Material founded in 1967. To date the company has become a prestigious and global elevator retailer.  Besides dealing with a standard product line, the comany over overcame the challanges with elevators. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Sematic Group, LM Liftmaterial joined other sister companies like „Tyler“ and „Verri“ to form a powerful network for solving all kinds of tasks in the elevator industry.  Together with their customers, LM Material discovered many extraordinaryfacilities and notable projects. This includes the Porsche Customer Center in Leipzig, Germany and the famous Palm Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, UAE. Further information can be found at: