DigiPara Liftdesigner 2022 with 3D visualization: on course for the future!

DigiPara Liftdesigner 2022 is now making communication between designer and customers even easier thanks to its new 3D-visualization functionality.


Detailed 3D elevator models easier than ever before

To make your elevator models as realistic as possible, DigiPara Liftdesigner 2022 now supports rendered visualization. Colors, materials, reflections, and lighting are all presented with photorealism, ensuring that your designs look great in both the elevator drawing and the 3D model.
The visualization settings automatically update themselves in response to individual characteristics of a design. For example, the light orientation will be adjusted so that shadows fall in the most appropriate place.

3D visualization takes drawing brochures for Cibes to a new level

Last year, our team developed a detailed 3D elevator model for Cibes and provided them with fully automated generation of personalized offer brochures. With the help of rendered visualization, all 2D and 3D models in the Cibes brochure are now displayed in accordance with individual customer specifications.


Other new features in DigiPara Liftdesigner 2022

In addition to 3D visualization, DigiPara Liftdesigner 2022 has various other new features that make it quicker and easier to create a great-looking elevator design:

  • Scene settings: Control the lighting in an 3D elevator model.
  • Rendering: Choose from three different rendering styles for the view frame (lines, image, hybrid).
  • Camera projection: Select either a central or parallel camera position and save your selection in the view frame settings.

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