To make the collaboration with ThyssenKrupp Elevator China even more efficient, two employees from China are visiting us in Germany for several weeks. Together with our DigiPara team they have been focusing on the automation of their elevator drawings within DigiPara Liftdesigner. They have already started with training and loading their gear frames and traction machines.

Wei Gu, Project Manager, explains: “Working with DigiPara Liftdesigner is a special experience, which I have never had before. Due to this powerful tool, we can now automatically and exactly generate elevator arrangement drawings for the different request from our clients.”

John Lee, Elevator Engeneer is also enthusiastic: “It’s a pleasure to work here with elevator BIM experts from DigiPara to automate our elevator design. In the meantime, the software makes a great contribution to the efficiency of the elevator design.”

They both are are working well with our team members. Two more employees from China will arrive by the end of the week to achieve the same common goals.